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            Hubei O ? BAST Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

            Service hotline


            Innovation and Development

            Professional technical service, make you more trust


            The purpose of BAST service is to ensure that our customers, no matter where you are, can get high quality, reliable, accurate technical support and service. Ultimately, your investment in paint can bring a greater return.


            BAST's key technical service representatives have received professional training and have a solid theoretical foundation and rich project practical experience.


            BAST's technical service representatives are equipped with the most advanced coating inspection equipment.


            BAST technical experts often participate in domestic and foreign technical exchanges and academic activities.


            Today, as a member of the coating industry, BAST is willing to provide quality coating products for China's corrosion prevention, and is also willing to provide quality technical services and support for our customers to ensure that every link can be carried out in accordance with the requirements, so that customers are satisfied.